June 12, 2012

Nice day for paper cutting


Finally I got round to Elsita's beautiful papercut patterns. I attached them with a thread to the blinds in Antea's room. They look like shadow puppets and echo the frame we got in Austin, I think.
Everything Elsa Mora creates is magical.

June 11, 2012

...and, yes, another cardigan....

I've finished yet another cardigan for Antea - the third, I think. This time I tried making sure it was larger but it's just the right size (sigh!). So it should fit her for another week, the way she is growing...
I used this beautiful Blue Sky worsted cotton in Spearmint with number 3 needles.
For buttons I used raw wood beads which look very pretty but I made sure to really sew them well to make sure they don't come off.