May 9, 2012

diy nursing nightie

When I got pregnant, one of my first purchases was Amy Tara Koch's "Bump It Up". I felt I didn't know how to dress and the book helped me getting inspired and even excited about maternity outfits.
After nine months of adjusting to a new body I felt I was on top of my closet and pregnant identity.
After having the baby I needed a guide even more! I am still adjusting to the new me. Starting with what to wear while nursing, namely for sleep. I haven't found nursing sleepwear that I like and I came up with this solution that I am very pleased with.
I had a vintage nightie I had bought at a yard sale and realized that the 1950’s cut is very flattering for larger busts.  You can adapt it to any nightie with straps. I noticed that this one has the adjusting sliders on the front whereas many nighties have them in the back, or none at all – just plain straps. But you can still use this system and either have a fixed height (with the simple strappy ones) or adjust them in the back.

You’ll need:
- a nightie with straps
- elastic (I used thick round chord elastic)
- 2 buttons
- thread
- needle
- scissors (I got these beautiful stork ones from Sublime Stitching)

Start by cutting the plastic loop that joins the adjustable strap to the nightie, and remove it.  

Cut a piece of elastic and insert it on the strap, where the plastic hoop was. 

Sew the ends of the elastic together. This is tricky if you are using chord elastic because it will fray, so I had to stitch it a lot. 

Turn the loop so you don't see the sewn spot.
And there you go! It is very easy to open and close and it looks very pretty.

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  1. I wish that I had seen this when I was nursing my little ones.
    What a great idea.
    But now my little ones are too big for nursing :o